We look to innovate on each of our projects, whether it’s a newly launched special or a show that’s been on for decades.


Full Day was created in 2021 by Connor Schell and Chernin Entertainment and is led by Emmy Award-winning executive producer David Chamberlin. In a constantly evolving and growing content landscape, live events, specials, and series are among the most popular and talked about productions in entertainment, and the team at Full Day has been at the helm of these kinds of shows for years. Our New York-based group is located in Soho, where we’ve built a collaborative office space with best-in-class production facilities and post-production infrastructure.


We look at ourselves first and foremost as collaborators, and aim to be great partners to the talent, brands, distributors, and studios as we create and build our shows and series. Our process prioritizes creativity, innovation, and relationship-building, resulting in quality content and a smooth, on-budget production.

Full Day is Words + Pictures company.